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Our team standing behind yours... a winning combination!

FSMR works hard to make certain you receive maximum reimbursement for the patient care you provide. Our expertise is getting you paid. We manage every claim that we process from coding to cash.

Our service is based on exceptional customer relationships, customer service, support, cooperation and trust. Our team of experts gathers and submits claims on your behalf, communicates regularly with your office and the appropriate insurance companies, and handles patient billing queries in a professional, accommodating manner. Our team consistently reports back to each provider, ensuring that they are always aware of their account status.

As the healthcare industry and the needs of providers are rapidly changing, FSMR is evolving as well, providing additional services. EMR technology, ever-changing codes and payer rules, responding to RAC audits, and preparing for the nearing ICD 10 are all factors contributing to the administrative demands of a busy medical practice.

Outsourcing administrative revenue management processes to a professional organization is a smart option.

First Source Medical Resources offers a full range of services to healthcare providers. From Claims auditing and Billing to posting and collections, eligibility verifications, patient invoicing, certified EMR / EHR software products, credentialing, payer contract negotiations, consulting services and even Bloodborne Pathogens annual training, FSMR can ease your in-house workload, enabling you and your staff more time devoted to quality patient care.


Consultation Services

When every piece of the billing “puzzle” is not in place, claims will not pay.

Our team of professionals will review your entire revenue cycle process including front desk verifications, software set-up, claims submissions and your follow up policy to determine where your practice is struggling. We will work with your staff to get you on the right track.

Our pricing can be hourly or by project.