A/R Reports:
The A/R Detail Report shows what the items are that make up the outstanding balances. This is often used when collection call are being made. The A/R Reports can be totaled by financial class, patient location, charge location, charge physician and department. This report will give us a clear picture of where your accounts receivables are being delayed.

Insurance Reports
Our goal is to help you speed up collections and limit denials so you can become more profitable. Knowing the status of your claims and the collection rate of each carrier allows you to make educated decisions as to which insurance companies you should receive patients from. Our practice management system tracks each charge by its current responsible party, giving you the most precise representation of where your unpaid items are. We keep track of how long it took to be paid, and how much you had to adjust. This is vital information when you are reviewing whether or not to continue with a carrier.

Patient Research Reports
This report allows you to find patients & charges based on almost any criteria - patient, charge and policy.

Payment/Adjustment Analysis Reports
Knowing where your payments are coming from versus what is being written off can make or break your practice. Our reports allow you to analyze this information during any time span.

Procedure Productivity Reports
Knowing what procedures are being performed and how often is an excellent tool for measuring the productivity of your practice. This report will print the dollar amount and count of every procedure performed between the date range you request.

AR Analysis & Follow-up

Cash flow and revenue management are among the most critical factors in a professionally run medical practice. At First Source, we can assist you in driving your business growth by effectively managing your cash and revenue flow, by reducing the accounts receivable days and improving profitability, by increasing the collection ratio.

Sounds like something you have heard before. It probably is. The difference is we are enthusiastic about what we do. We concentrate on the details to minimize denials and have developed a team of professionals that take the action necessary to collect unpaid claims and underpaid claims.

Our Services in Account Receivables include:
     Denial Management
     AR analysis
     Insurance follow-up
     Self pay follow-up
     Secondary payer follow-up

Our proven cash flow and revenue management services will improve operational cash flow by reducing bad debt and write-offs.