Frequently Asked Questions


If I outsource my medical billing, won't I lose control over my income?
A reputable billing company will have their eye on your income more so than an employee since the billing company's income is directly tied to performance and results. First Source Medical Resources works closely with the physician's office as an extension of their team. If you desire, FSMR's user friendly Practice Management optional Internet Access Program allows you to view your account anytime, anywhere over a secure, protected site.

Aren't all billing companies the same?
The processes and objectives are similar, however, customer service and availability can differ greatly. FSMR prides itself on quality customer service to both the physician and the patient.

What if mine is a specialty practice?
A good billing service will have the resources to excel with any specialty. At FSMR we want you to be proactive in your participation, express your concerns, and allow us to work closely with you to ensure we are meeting your particular billing needs. Our relationship with your office is built on trust and confidence.

What can I expect?
A billing company has no control over when an insurance company will pay the claim. FSMR can, however, ensure that the claim is submitted timely and accurately. We monitor reimbursement to verify and track that you are being paid the amount you have contracted for. We pursue any discrepancies and appeal claims that have been underpaid and we work hard to pursue maximum and timely reimbursement. Our success depends on it!

How will the information needed to file a claim get from my office to your billing office?
You may send us your information in any of the following manners: Courier Service (someone from our office will pick-up at your location on scheduled days); e-mail (we will set up a secure e-mail address for you. Simply scan the information and e-mail to us via your account); fax (we follow strict fax confidentiality protocol); or by mail. Our IT experts ensure the highest possible security on all electronic transmissions.

The following information is required:
       1. New Patient information or changes of information.
       2. A copy of the patient's insurance card (front and back).
       3. Insurance eligibility form.
       4. Copies of your Encounter Slips or Superbills.
       5. Copies of the EOB's Received.
       6. Miscellaneous Items (Status Requests, Questions, etc.)

Will my patient charts ever leave my office?
NO!!! We will only have access to what you give us access to. All patient information is kept in the strictest of confidentiality and is used ONLY for billing purposes. We adhere strictly to HIPAA regulations.

I've gotten behind on posting. Is there any way claims denied or reduced months ago can still be collected?
Not always, but frequently we can work with the insurance companies to get back monies you rightfully earned but didn't receive.

FSMR provides personalized service to the healthcare provider.

Billing, Claims Audits, Posting, Follow-Up, Collections, Patient Billing, Training, EMR Software and more...

Specialized Services

First Source Medical Resources offers a full range of medical practice management services to healthcare providers. From billing to posting, claims auditing and patient invoicing and collections, to HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogens Training and on to Electronic Medical Records software and high speed document scanning products, FSMR can ease your in-house workload, providing you and your staff more time devoted to quality patient care.

Our staff includes professional billers with over fifteen years billing and medical office management experience. We've hired the best to service you the best! You can be confident you are receiving the maximum reimbursement for services you provided - payment you rightfully earned!