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Our mission is very simple: Offer our clients the most powerful practice management tools at the most affordable possible prices resulting with the highest level of healthcare.

First Source Medical Resources offers an easy to use, flexible, integrated Electronic Medical Records solution designed with the physician's workflow in mind. It captures the balance between technology and human interaction giving the end user:

  • Complete Customization
    Allows the user to define and customize specialty specific templates on the fly. The templates can be customized permanently or specifically for patient encounter.
  • Patient Tracking
    Patients can be tracked from the moment they check-in right up to checkout. From the nurse to the doctor information is captured and the patient can be tracked via a color-coded system that is user definable.
  • Labs and Pharmacy
    Physicians can order and retrieve lab requests and order prescriptions right from our EMR.
  • Simple Layout and Easy Navigation
    A simple SOAP note layout and easy to navigate menu options will increase speed and make recording the encounter a smoother, more efficient process.
  • Referrals
    Patients can be referred to a specialist with the tap of a pen or the click of a mouse. The referral letter is automatically generated and includes only the information the provider chooses to include.
  • Eliminate Transcription Costs
    An intuitive sentence builder allows the doctor to personalize the chart notes and eliminate the cost of transcription services and dictation.
  • Document Management
    Our documanagement system is integrated to allow for document retrieval, scanning of images, and storage of paper charts, so your practice can become truly paperless.

Imagine having the capability to retrieve and access all patient information that flows through your practice immediately.

  • Affordable Electronic Medical Records for small to large multi-specialty providers.
  • Manage the patient flow from check-in to reimbursement.
  • Review Patient History to current medications, allergies, labs and charts.
  • No need to pull paper charts, access patient records immediately at the point-of- care.
  • Communicate electronically with referring physicians.
  • Enables data entry through electronic handwriting stylus, voice or keyboard.
  • Pre-defined phrases allow the nurse and the physician to enter repetitive patient information quickly.
  • The system is unmatched in its customizability, and actually adapts to your clinical style.
  • Secure patient data access ensured through data encryption and audit tracking.
  • Increase coding accuracy and verification with recommended appropriate
  • Procedure codes. This can increase revenue and reduce manual coding errors.
  • Specialty templates assist the physicians to standardize documentation.
  • The electronic encounter form will simplify documentation while eliminating re- keying data into the billing system.


The Paperless Practice

In the paper-based world of medical records, staff is spending more time shuffling paper then patient care. If you evaluate your current paper workflow more than likely you will notice several steps with paper shuffling just to get the patient into the exam room. Combining our billing services with our EMR and document management system you will truly be the paperless practice.

In addition to eliminating paper and the costs of storage, both on-site and off-site, EMR and digital imaging of existing paper files makes healthcare a better business by eliminating misplaced documents, lost files and improving response times to patient inquires. Financial benefits can be realized across any practice saving providers thousands of dollars per year.

FSMR provides personalized service to the healthcare provider.

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